Proud Sponsors of Human-Powered Flight
Proud Sponsors of Human-Powered Flight


Fodero Pyramids – A collection of 3-13 person pyramids for your entertainment pleasure!

Acro Yoga Montreal – Eugene & Jessie’s summarize acro yoga: “Being ‘in the moment’ and in balance with another person is the essence of Acro Yoga.” These two express beauty and grace in their practice, their heartfelt intent to share everything they know in a safe way comes through with every word. They offer a wonderful teacher training course, please visit their website for more information.

AcroYoga – Jason & Jenny’s summarize acroyoga: “AcroYoga blends the spiritual wisdom of yoga, the loving kindness of Thai massage, and the dynamic power of Acrobatics.”

Acropedia – From their site, “ is a free resource for acrobats around the world. The site is an index of poses and “washing machines”. A washing machine is an acrobatic series of poses that can be repeated in a cyclical flow. The material featured comes from a variety of sources.”

Acro Yoga Atlanta on Facebook. You are invited to join our facebook group for further updates on classes, play in the park, acrojams, and other information.