2020 Schedule update!
Welcome to 2020! Our schedule remains mostly the same:

  • The beginner class runs the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month, from 6pm-8pm at Intown Tumbling.
  • The Wednesday night class is all levels, hosted by Diane. It starts at 8pm and lasts one hour. There’s a jam afterwards, starting at 9pm. The jam is free if you come to the class, or $5 otherwise.
  • The Friday jam occurs every Friday at Champion Kids and costs $5 cash.

Workshop Announcement! March 14th-17th @ Intown Tumbling!

We have a special workshop coming up in March! Please join Jacob and Debbie for a 3 day intensive March 14th-17th! Details are available at https://www.atlantaacro.com/events/jacob-and-debbie-acro-workshop/

You can also RSVP on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events/463030917727313

Early bird ends February 14th so get your orders in!

If you have any questions, feel free to use the Contact Us page, or email info@.

ac·ro·yo·ga [ak-roh-yoh-guh]

the merger of acrobatics and yoga into a fluid form balancing strength with flexibility, excitement with grace: I saw the most amazing acroyoga pose involving these two people balanced on top of each other!

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to practice acroyoga in any of its various forms: Get on my feet so I can acroyoga you!

If you think any of these: “I’m not flexible enough. I’m not strong enough. I weigh too much. I haven’t done yoga long enough.” Please read this.


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