Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a beginner? If so look for Beginner classes like Buddy and Tracy's Sunday class. Check the Schedule for the next one. Are you a novice? All Levels might be the best place for you, Diane’s Wednesday classes are a perfect fit! Still not sure? Friday night's with the Acrosmiths will test your skills. Please look at the Levels broken down to understand which skills are covered in our classes.
Please look at the map on the Location page. Do not park in the little cove near the door to the building, please park on the long side of the building. If this is full you can park further on towards Two Urban Licks.
We are located in the Telephone Factory Lofts located at 828 Ralph McGill Blvd. We are not associated with Sacred Thread Yoga which is in the front of the building. Continue around the building counter clockwise looking for W-9, Intown Tumbling. The map on the Location page illustrates where to park and where to enter the building.
If you are going to Intown Tumbling or The Space we already have wonderfully thick tumbling mats for you to use. Otherwise best to bring a yoga mat if you are going to a yoga studio.
Please wear clothes that you can move and stretch in. Yoga clothes work great, shorts and a T-shirt do too. You will probably be upside down at some points so ladies wear something appropriate.
It is impossible to define a policy around children. Unless the class is specifically for kids (we offer periodic family acroyoga classes) then the answer depends on the maturity and size of your child. They need to be mature enough that we can in general treat them like everyone else, meaning they should need no extra special attention. I’ve experienced an 8 year old who did wonderfully and a 13 year old who did not, so age is not the most important criteria.
We certainly do! Please contact us to schedule an appointment with the teacher of your choice.
Absolutely! You can pay in person and you do not need to register for class. We prefer cash payments as that is fast and easy, we also accept credit cards.
This class is designed to cover the gap between our Level 1 beginner and Level 3 intermediate class offerings. It’s aim is to build upon the skills taught in the Level 1 classes. With that in mind we routinely have beginners come and they have a great time! Some are able to step right into it, some we teach the basics to on the side. All that to say you’re perfectly welcome to come Wednesday nights from 8-9pm and if you’d rather our beginner level classes are roughly every other week on Saturdays. Check the Schedule page for details.
No, and you are welcome to bring a partner too. =)
Nope! Our classes have ample space, there's no need to preregister. Workshops are the only exception.
Since our classes are located in different places around Atlanta our classes cost different amounts. Generally speaking classes cost between $10-20 and jams cost $5. Most two hour long classes cost $20. Please visit the Schedule page and click/hover/tap the classes for exact pricing and other detailed information.