We have a wide variety of classes to suit all levels! If you’re new, we encourage you to attend one of Buddy and Tracy’s bimonthly Saturday classes. If you’re in the first few months of your practice Diane’s Wednesday night classes are a perfect fit. Otherwise our Friday and Sunday classes would be your best fit. The small calendar to the right sidebar is handy, click here for the Full Schedule. YOU DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER FOR CLASSES.


Since our classes are located in different places around Atlanta our classes cost different amounts. Generally speaking classes cost between $10-20 and jams cost $5. Most two hour long classes cost $20. Please visit the Schedule page and click/hover/tap the classes for exact pricing and other detailed information. Our beginner class is now available on ClassPass


Level 1

These beginner classes teach basic skills and safe technique. Level 1 classes teach you the basic building blocks of your acrobatic practice working in partnership, communication, and static skills. These classes expose you to a wide range of core AcroYoga skills and provide you with the foundation you need to confidently enter Level 2.

Level 2

Here we begin to explore a more dynamic acrobatic practice, working with transitions, introducing flow sequences, and exploring washing machines (a repeatable sequence of poses). To support your developing practice, we introduce conditioning and strength building elements. Level 2 classes also include handstand training, an essential skill for both bases and flyers looking to move into Level 3 classes.

Level 3

These classes are geared towards experienced practitioners who are keen to refine their technique and acquire new skills. These much more challenging classes cover advanced standing acrobatics, more complex machines, full release pops, etc.

The below table is intended to give some idea of what level you are based on the skills you know. These are not prereqs!! This is by no means a complete list of skills but rather a rough framework. If you can do the majority of the skills in a given level, you are ready to move on to the next level of classes.

                       Static Poses Dynamic Flows / Washing Machines
Level 1 Front Bird, Back Bird, Folded Leaf, Straddle Bat, Side Star, Star, Vash/Couch, Throne, Reverse Throne, Front & Reverse Shoulderstand, Fish/Whale, Low Foot to Hand Prasarita Twist, Reverse & Forward Catherine’s Wheel, Barrel Roll, Ninja Star, Helicopter
Level 2 Reverse Star, Shin to Foot, Foot to Shin, Needle, Free Star, Tuck & L-Sit, Baby Hand to Hand, High Foot to Hand, Foot to Foot High Barrel Roll, High Ninja Star, Hold the Throne, 3 & 4-Step, Monkey Frog, Spider Roll
Level 3 Hand to Hand, Reverse Needle, Bicepstand, Cheststand, Tricepitops, Mono Goofy Star & Reverse Star Biglemoi, 1 & 2-Step, Hummingbird, Garter Belt, Headspin, Pops (Bird to Chair and back, Star to Reverse Throne, Reverse Star to Chair, etc.)

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